Why are men not taking enough care of their health?

For various reasons
  • lack of awareness or knowledge about health and wellness,
  • sense of invincibility
  • reluctance to seek professional help.

Let us help you!

1st of the Month provides health check reminders for you and your family. We prioritize preventives actions and notify you of monthly routines which could save your life.
We would love you to be invincible, but we don’t have the secret sauce yet!
So let's raise your awareness and help you understand how some diseases affect Australian men. Many cancers are preventable and treatable when detected early - we are here to help you with this.
In 2022, according to Cancer Australia and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 24,217 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer, 8,912 with skin cancer, 8,305 with colorectal cancer, 964 with testicular cancer, and 212 with breast cancer.
What you can do
It’s common knowledge that a healthy diet and regular exercise can  reduce cancer risk.  But it can be dangerous to rely on that alone! Let's maximize your chances with regular health-checks routines.