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We help you to stay up to date with your health checks and access your data wherever you are.

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Preventive health made easy

We facilitate the management of your health by reminding you what health check to do next, depending on your age, gender and family medical history.

Knowing when should be your future dental cleaning, skin check, vaccines or cancer screenings appointments will help you be up-to-date with your health, wherever you live.

Monthly routines

What are your routines? At 1st of the month, we think the best way to stay healthy is to implement routines. Let's start each 1st day of the Month with skin, breast and testicular self-checks at home. The more you know your body, the more you will notice if something changes. Knowledge is power!

How to do a breast self-check?

Family Sharing

We think of the family as a whole; both partners can access the family health information and receive reminders about booking or coming appointments. With all in one place, it's now easy to keep track and be involved in the management of the family health.

Own your health

All your health information is in one place, your place. Breath, you can find your data in one click from your phone or desktop and control who can access it. No more time looking for an email or a piece of paper you saved somewhere.

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"Keeping track of your health appointments for yourself or your children can sometimes be overwhelming. 1st of the Month helps our day-to-day life by reminding us on time."

Donna V

We believe in the power of preventive health

Our mission is to help you get better with your health by explaining and reminding you when you are due for screening. You will feel in control and involved in the management of your health.

Family Sharing

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National Bowel cancer screening program


National Breast screening program


National cervical screening program

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The future of your health starts today! Learn, control and get involved in the management of your health.